Friday, December 31, 2010

A New Year Means You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

When my parents used to say things like "time goes by so fast" and "where does the time go?", I used to wonder what they were talking about. Now as I LIVE and FEEL every word, my college-aged daughter has that same look upon her face as I lament over the fleeting days.
In keeping with the old adage that there is no time like the present, I decided to try something new for 2011. I'd like to experiment with new techniques, explore new mediums, stretch outside my comfort zone - and I'm hoping you'll join me in this quest.
How many times have you looked at some wonderful creation on a blog and wished you could make something like that? The truth is we could all make that something with a little shared knowledge.
And with that thought in mind, Tutorial Tuesday is born.
I envision this as an avenue for not only sharing our ideas and talents, but for creating new friendships. It's also a great venue for sharing your blog with a whole new audience!
Here's how it will work:
Email me with a brief, concise tutorial of ANYTHING! It could be paper, mixed media, collage, fabric, jewelry, graphics, a recipe - anything!
Remember, what may seem very simple and basic to you, is brand new and unknown to someone else.
Include photos of the work in progress and finished project.
We can do this a couple of different ways: you can post the actual tutorial on your blog and I'll provide the link, OR
I can post the tutorial, still with a link to you.
I hope you're all enthusiastic about sharing your talents and being a part of Tutorial Tuesday. I look forward to being your host!
Please help spread the word by displaying the Tutotial Tuesday button on your blog. It can be found at the top of the sidebar. I've received questions in the past on how to link buttons that aren't html coded. So here's the first mini-tutorial! These instructions are for blogger.
1. Right click on the button and save to your computer.
2. In the design section of your blog, click on "add a gadget".
3. A window will open with options; scroll to and click on "picture".
4. A "Configure image" window will open. Click on "browse images" from your computer and upload the saved image (button).
5. In this same window there is a field for linking. In that field you can either copy and paste the name of the blog you are linking the image to, or type it in manually. In this instance it would be

Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What's a sundial in the shade?-Benjamin Franklin

Happy 2011 My Dear Friends!


Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I am NOT a teacher, but I betcha there are alot of your followers who are, so I'll await their expertise! A new year with some fresh ideas....sounds like a plan to me!
Happy 2011 to you and yours!


Mina said...

Oh, I am so excited! I will be one of your faithful students in training each Tuesday. Thank you.

victoriantailor said...

Love this idea!!!!! Your blog is beautiful, Happy New Year!!
Celeste, The Victorian Tailor

Heathen said...

This sounds like fun! I'll have to see if I can come up with something. Love it!

Happy New Year!

Daniele said...

sounds like a brill idea, one of my resolutions was to try different techniques as well,look forward to following along
bes wishes

The French Bear said...

I can always learn something new!!!!
Happy New Year!!!
Margaret B

Feathers and Flight said...

Happy New Year Miss Joanne!
Hope you had a Wonderful Christmas with Family and Friends!
Tutorial Tuesdays sound Wonderful!

Dorthe said...

Dear JoAnne,

This is great, what a wonderfull idea, I will be a faithfull follower on your tutorials- love learning new things.
And I will start with adding your button to my sidebar :)
Thankyou, and happy New Year, dear.
XO, Dorthe

Mrs A. said...

Hi Joanne,
I have done a tutorial for a fabric netbook cover that I made for my daugther which I haven't blogged about yet so I will send you details. Wishing you a Happy New year.

she dreams big! said...

Now this is an idea that I can really appreciate! This 'old dog' needs to expand her creative horizons and what better way to learn than by those with talent to share!

A new year - with new inspiration! Bring it on! I'm ready!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh, I am going to follow you I love tutorials. Your right, even though you think it is something someone else know's, they probably don't. I am your newest follower, thank you for entering my mosaic shoe giveaway, hope you win!

Happy 2011

Beth Leintz said...

That's a great idea. I'd thought about what I'd like to do with my blog this year and adding more how-tos and projects was one of my goals- Tuesday Tutorial, here I come!

Christine Edwards said...

JoAnne, what a great idea. I look forward to seeing some wonderful projects...maybe I'll come up with something to share as well. ;-) Wishing you a creative 2011!

Something Special said...

I love your new idea for the new year. I am trying to come up with some new tricks too. I do have a tutorial that I would like to do right off the bat!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hello Joanne,
what a great idea!Happy 2011.

BLISS angels said...

OH I like, and I have just the thing to show but I need some time to get it together I'll be back Hugs wendy

Micupoftea~ said...

I like this idea! I just posted a tutorial on my Blog for Fortune Cookies made from fabric, felt or fun foam. Cute idea for Valentine's Day, Mothers Day, Graduation, New Years, etc.
I am interested in sharing. Let me know if you want me to link~