Monday, December 13, 2010

Bloggers Embrace The True Spirit of Christmas

About 8 months ago when I tentatively approached this blogging journey, I didn't really get it. I mean, I knew about the sharing of ideas and inspiration from like-minded individuals, and I figured everyone throws in a touch of self promotion. But friendships?, camaraderie? Really didn't see that happening. Maybe there was a bit of The doubting Grinch in me. Well today I'm ready to join hands with all of you and sing a chorus of "Welcome Christmas"!

This past October I won a giveaway from Linda, of
Olde Baggs 'N Stuft Shirts. The other day I received this lovely card from Linda wishing me happy holidays.

Saturday I received a package in the mail, a very pretty package. It was from sweet Wendy, of Bliss Angels.
Inside was this unmistakably whimsical Wendy creation. It already found it's way to my tree!

Jill, of Feathers & Flight, who always brings the word gracious to mind, is one of the most gifted digital artists I've seen. Always willing to share her designs, she's gifted all of her visitors with

In today's mail was a package from Kim, of Tabby's Place.
Kim and I have been swapping art for a few years now in various groups and she has always been supportive of my artistic and blogging endeavors. I was fortunate to be chosen as one of the winners in her Happy Holiday Giveaway. The prizes were surprises. I'd say a GRAND surprise!

This was so very generous Kim. Thank you so much!

So as this blogging journey continues, I find myself extremely grateful. I am blessed to have each of you in my life. Your warm spirits and kind souls make me a better person. To each of these wonderful ladies, and to every single person who passes through and leaves a kind word or thoughtful comment, thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Jan said...

Blogging buddies are best!

Heathen said...

Such wonderful gifts! I too received a card from Linda after entering her Halloween giveaway. It's amazing how many kindred spirits we meet here in blogland isn't it? I've only been here a few months and already I've met some great people I consider my friends.

A very Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Kim said...

You're so welcome JoAnne! I'm so happy to hear you liked what I sent you...I tried to use my intuition and asked myself..'what would JoAnne like?' (yes, that's right, I talk to myself..alot!!) I tried to pick out things for you in your chosen color theme that reminded me of you. Thank you so much for being a wonderful friend and artist. Your friendship means so much to me! Hugs! xoxo

Mina said...

How wonderful to receive such beautiful gifts and have the opportunity to encounter such lovely people.

Netty said...

All beautiful gifts from some wonderful creative people. Annette x

Incipient Wings said...

how awesome! what lovely gifts:)

Sew Loquacious Angela said...

I agree and understand what you have written about in this post. I started down the blogger path nearly one year ago...I, like you, had no clue about the truely great artists and friends I would come to "meet" in this process. I am very grateful, too.
Happy Christmas.

Terry said...

Beautiful treasures! Blogging does bring about a wonderful group of friends and so many different creative outlets! Enjoy your holidays!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hello Joanne,
what a beautiful post! Blogging friends are the best!!!!
Enjoy your treasures and have a wonderful week.

Daniele said...

what lovely thoughtful gifts you've recieved, Jans right blogging buddies are best

Sherry Edwards said...

You have received some beautiful things from wonderful blogging buddies, it is a great place to be!

I've just been looking at the matchboxes you've received, they're all great.

Mina said...

I'm a bit late but I wanted to thank you for being my 3rd follower. I just love you blog and wish you a continued joyous holiday season!

Feathers and Flight said...

Hi Joanne; You are the Sweetest Thing! Thank you so Much for your Kind Words! I agree with you on Our Blogging Friends! It is a Wonderful Circle of Friends we Have and am Grateful for! Your Words Inspired my New Post.
Happy Tuesday my Friend!

Michele said...

its a wonderful world! thanks for all the beautiful things you bring to it. xo

BLISS angels said...

I am honored to have you as one of my blogging friends....and pleased that you are enjoying your little peice of Christmas magic.... Hugs wendy

2amscrapper said...

such pretties!