Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Putting a Little Gleam & Glimmer Into My Life

On a recent Friday evening
I took a stained glass jewelry class
a local studio and shop.
In addition to being a lot of fun
I find it rewarding
to learn new skills.and
challenge myself artistically
These are the pieces
I am proud to say
were designed and created by
 I struggled for awhile
with this pendant.
What I visualized
and what I was able to make happen
weren't always one and the same!
But I am happy with the finished piece.
My heart pin
came about as a result
of falling in love
with the pink glass and beads.
And I've always been a fan
of  pink and silver
The heart design was a no-brainer!
Can't wait to play with stained glass and solder again.
Off to check out
February's class schedule.....


Lululiz said...

Well look at you, girl, those two pieces are gorgeous! Sounds like a great workshop and you certainly came away with some awesome new skills.

suziqu's thread works said...

Gorgeous pieces these two that you created. You must be very happy with your results as I know it is not easy learning this for the first time.
There will be no stopping you now Joanne!

Jo said...

Joanne these pieces are wonderful!!! kudos to you for stretching your artistic wings!

Createology said...

Lovely pieces and how fun to learn new techniques. Creative Bliss...

Kim said...

Gorgeous designs JoAnne!!

Dorthe said...

Joanne your soldered pieces are amazing, and then working with stained glas, too- how gorgeous!!!
I so hope to also try my hand with a little soldering this year!!

Nook and Cranny said...

Way to go, great end results, love them both.

Terri said...

Stained glass jewelry? Wow! I have never heard of it before. How cool is this! Your pink heart pin is so lovely. Good for you to try something so new! You did a fab job!