Saturday, October 27, 2012

Come On In! There's A Party Going On!

Welcome to my Halloween home and party!
The butler will show you into the main room...
Make yourself at home,
feel free to park your brooms and hats at the hearth.

This is an adult affair
but of course baby boos are welcome.

As are wee folk!
I'll introduce you to some of the other guests.
The Bones, a lovely couple,

And Ted,
of the well-known Bear family.

Blanca, the White Pumpkin Faery
makes an appearance every year.

And this is Chuckie,
he's such a joker!

I seem to be overrun with pumpkins this year.

 I guess that's what happens when you grow them on trees though.
I hope you enjoyed the decor
and had a wickedly wonderful time!

Oh dear, one of the Skelly family had a bit too much brew and needs a ride home.
If you'd like to take a partying skelly home with you just leave me a comment letting me know. I'll choose his driver on October 31 of course!

Many thanks to Vanessa for hosting this fabulous annual event!

(The image freebies countdown will resume on Monday.)


DogsMom said...

I would love to take skelly home and sober him up!

Thank you for inviting me to your party. I had a magical time - but did not drink too much!

Kyra said...

Love the tree. I keep thinking about a Halloween tree (but my husband thinks I have enough stuff already!)

Goddess Findings said...

Oh my gosh, I love everything...especially all those pearls!!! You are so talented, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit!

Moonlyf said...

Thanks for throwing such a festive party! I think the Bones would be delighted to meet Mr. and Mrs. Bonesy at my party... check it out!

Katherine Wolak said...

Love your decor! A Halloween tree is such a neat idea! :D And you created some beautiful vignettes! :D


Debbie said...

A Very nice party indeed, I think I have met the Bones; somewhere before? They make a cut couple don't they? So nice of you to have me just drop in for a "spell" he he, but must be off, for I have a long journey ahead of more parties before the day is done. Thank you for your hospitality.

Flutter Before You said...

Fabulous Party! I love the white fairy and I noticed we have the same phesant S&P shakers! Too great!Your garland is also scrumptious too! Xo

Emalina said...

Hey what a spooky and magical halloween party! I particularly love the Bones, they look like an old married couple to me! Thanks for having me :)
Happy Halloween! Please come party with me at my 2 separate Halloween parties:

See you there for cackles and cake!

Victoria said...

I love all your decorations, especially the white pumpkin fairy. This was a lovely party, thank you...

Happy Halloween,

Victoria from Brushstrokes

Dena Miller said...

I thought your party was Charming too!!! Thanks so much for inviting me♥

Glad that you enjoyed my spooky tale.

Cameron said...

Love all those pumpkins and that beautiful tree....such a lovely collection to scare and delight :)

Thanks for having me!
Happy Halloween,
Paint Myself Pretty

Shell said...

A sweet Halloween party. That Halloween Tree is so cute. said...

I looooove your Halloween decor!!

It's a little vintage in feel here and there which I adore, and super fabulous all around!!

Thank you so much for being a part of this extra magical season!!

♥ Vanessa

Lorraine said...

Oh, JoAnne that was so much fun!! I have that same cone as the White Pumpkin Fairy, I bought it at Tinsel Trading Co.! Love your garland! xoxo Lorraine

Laurie said...

The Bones Couple were such gracious hosts! I am totally creating a Halloween tree next year - such a great idea!

Please come and visit my Haunted girl at

Happy Hauntings...

Rachel said...

You have wonderful Halloween decorations, it all looks fabulous.

You can call me Tawny.... said...

Thank you so very much for visiting Edgar and I! We so enjoyed having you!

That little Chuckie of yours is a hoot!

Thank you for inviting me to your magical gathering!

Happy Hauntings!


Love all your spooky Halloween decor :)
Happy Halloween!!!!!!

Joyce van der Lely said...

Thanks so much for inviting me :) I love your Halloween decorations, they are allover your blog, I love it ! My fav is the table with the yellow candles and the pumpkins, beautiful !
Happy Halloween to you :)

come visit mine if you have some time

Kelly said...

What a treat it was to stop by and see all your adorable and spooky decor! Especially a Partying SKELLY! Cheers!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Hi Joanne! Thank you for visiting my Halloween party. I am so happy I visited yours, as well. I do so love pumpkins - especially the white ones. Bonesy is very cool - I'd love to provide him a home. Thanks for a wonderful party and Happy Halloween!

Linda said...

I had an awesome time at your party. Thank you for inviting me, and thank you for the magical time.
I hope that you have the time to visit me:

Sandi McLean said...

Joanne, I so appreciated your invitation. What a charming atmosphere and such delightful guests. I was particularly taken with Chuckie! I have some experience with those misbehaving skellies..not really their fault you know, no meat on their bones to absorb an I would be happy to welcome him and provide assistance to a healthier lifestyle! Hugs, Sandi

Mina said...

I am parked outside with my motor running. Poor Mr Skelly...(Been there, done that). ;-)

I had a wonderful time at your party and must say that you have the most exceptional friends. Beautiful decorations, my lovely friend. Wishing you a Happy Halloween and a blessed week. Hugs, Mina

Creative Wings Boutique said...

Hi JoAnne..... U crack me up... I love the white cage and the candleobra ...I want one badly but can never find them. Thanks for inviting me to the party.. Mr skelly will be right at home with hangmen.

Anne said...

Wonderful!! Happy Halloween!

Wendy from Wonderland said...

Oh I love all the decor, and what a lively bunch of party goers. I have an extra spot on my magical broomstick for Mr Skelly. I think I even could strap him down to make sure his dizzy self stayed on for the ride.
Thank you for the Wonderful party. I had a spooktacular good time. I would love for you to drop in to Wonderland for a Ghostly tale and a few Halloween treats. See ya there
Wishes and Whimsy
Wendy from Wonderland

Laura Tieri said...

Great party! Love your stuff. Skelly is sooo adorable with his tinsel & party hat. I also liked the Bones family. Quite the sophisticated couple! Halloween is just so fun!

beverly e said...

Love the decorations and I'll be happy to take Mr Skelly home and feed him.. he looks a little thin!

Kim said...

I adore your Halloween Party....I have to say Chuckie is my favorite!! xo

Hunnybee said...

Loved your party, great decorations and fun guests! Thanks for sharing, it was magical!

Sylvia Smiser said...

Wonderful party posting! Thank you for having me!
I do hope you will come visit me too. It's not too late to enter my giveaway!
Happy Halloween!

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Thank you for the party invitation JoAnne! What a grand spooky time I have had looking over all of your treasures....the muted color scheme is a welcome respite from all the brightness the season can, and does, offer. Love the kitty cone...and the baby boo whites!
Happy Happy Halloweenie...karla