Monday, July 16, 2012

A Project That Speaks To Me

"A living, breathing, kinetic journal of our hopes, dreams and concerns" is how Vivika Hansen DeNegre describes the
Prayer Flag Project,
a group she founded in 2011.

Prayer flags are an ancient Buddhist tradition now being embraced by artists of all religious and spiritual backgrounds. Flags are made of cloth decorated to the artists liking or vision. Through design, symbols or words each flag expresses a prayer or affirmation.
Flags are hung outside and the prayers of hope, healing and peace are carried by the wind throughout the universe.

Gail, of Creative Workshops, has a free tutorial on making prayer flags (sewn or glued-you don't need to be a seamstress!) open to all.

After watching her tutorial I made my first prayer flag....
This flag will be traded in a new swap hosted by Lenna, of
Creative Swaps.
As part of the swap, Lenna also provides a tutorial and links to several prayer flag sites. (At the time of this post there were still 7 openings.)

I first learned of the Prayer Flag Project and swap via Terri of,
Artful Affirmations.
She shares photos of her beautiful first prayer flags on her blog.

Call them prayers, affirmations, positive doesn't really matter. This is a feel-good project with heart.


Dorthe said...

Yes Joanne, that is really a heart project, and your prayer flag is so very beautiful.
I will make one myself, but I don`t think I have time to take part now!
The meaning, are wonderful, and also that all no matter what religion can share this.
Hugs, Dorthe

Kim said...

Beautiful, what a lovely swap!

Mina said...

This is a gorgeosu idea. My daughter hung one at our home before she left for college 11 years ago. We have been double blessed ever since. I hope you have a fabulous rest of the week, my beautiful friend. Mina

Cathy L. Calamas said...

So pretty. I love the idea of this.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Absolutely beautiful,Joanne.
Have a wonderful day.

Martina2801 said...

This is really fabulous, JoAnne!