Sunday, May 6, 2012

What Is A Vintage Glue Book?

A couple of posts ago I shared some pages I made for a vintage glue book page swap. I've since received some questions about vintage glue books.

It is cut and paste collage and it would be easiest to tell you everything it's not. There is no glitter, no bling, no fabric flowers, no lace, no trims. No embellishments of any kind.
It is paper and glue. Sounds simple but it's actually a challenge creating something aesthetically pleasing without the assist of all the aforementioned bells & whistles.
It's really about composition and choosing the right images-size and color.
I'm not a gluebook expert by any stretch of the imagination but for those interested in learning from the best I recommend a visit to
Green Paper.

Green Paper is the blog of the Queen of Vintage Glue Books, Mary Green. In addition to some lovely vintage eye candy you can check out Mary's online gluebook and collage classes.

In the blissfulARTswaps group my dear friend and talented artist Kim is hosting monthly gluebook page swaps.
Our theme for May is Shades of Blue.


Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Beautiful GB pages,Joanne.Makes me want to pull out my GB:)
Have a great day.

Whymsicalmusings said...

Joane this is amazing! I have wondered what a glue book page is thank you for the info. I am grabbing your blog button for my blog. Have a magical week!

Kasia said...

That is darling! I love the challenge this would pose and youve created some blue goodness there! :)


ArtSings1946 said...

This was such an informative and interesting post. I do so wish I could find the time to create art books once again.

Happiness to all.

Kim said...

LOVE your blue pages JOAnne!xo

Lorraine said...

Thank you JoAnne for the scoop on glue books, I really had no idea! I love that idea though, I imagine it really hones your composition skills. It certainly did for you, your May blue pages are perfect, I love everything about them!! xo Lorraine

Mina said...

These are so beautiful, JoAnne. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I didn't ask, but honestly I did not know what a glue book page was. I love your art work. It always brings a smile to my face and often fills me with awe. Each piece so gorgeous. Have a good evening, my lovely friend. Mina

Linda M. said...

Hi JoAnne, Do you do the cutting and pasting digitally or do you print the images, cut them out and paste them onto another images building a paper collage of sorts? hugs, Linda