Thursday, August 10, 2017

Prayer Flags

Hello dear blog friends.
I'm not certain there are any of you left out there
given my infrequent posts but I'm 
hoping some of you are.
I have undergone 2 surgeries to my eye
and the healing process is not going well
so I am out of work
struggling along on disability.
My muse has been hiding during most
of this process.
But when she was present, creating
prayer flags seemed a therapeutic outlet.

Thank you for visiting.
I truly have missed blogland!


Cynthia said...

These are beautiful! Sorry to hear of your health issues. Best wishes and prayers for you.

dustbunny8 said...

Your work is always worth waiting for!Lovely! Hope you have a return to good health soon.

suziqu's thread works said...

I'm amazed that you can create anything at all at the moment! These little prayer flags are really beautiful and a credit to you under the circumstances.
Time will heal and in the meantime we learn about just being and being grateful for what we do have.
Take your time!
xox Suzy

Laura said...

I'm sorry to hear you aren't doing well. Living on disability is a big adjustment, isn't it? I love these flags. They are so beautiful. Hope you are well soon.

The Junque Seeker said...

So sorry for your difficulties! Hoping things are much better soon. The prayer flags are lovely, and hopefully the creative process was therapeutic for you.