Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My Muse is Keeping Me Outdoors

I've always been enamored
with all things miniature
so fairy gardening is a natural fit.

 I've had great luck finding
unique containers at estate sales...
once you have a home,
the fairies will find their way!
I hope you're all playing with
whatever makes your heart sing!


Linda Wildenstein said...

Love your fairy plantings. Looks like you've got your magickal muse going......xoxo Oma Linda

Kelly_Deal said...

Hi Joanne! It's good to hear from you! Your fairy gardens are so pretty! It's so much fun to create these little gardens.

my cup of tea said...

Hi JoAnne! Please tell where you have found your precious tiny fairy's? I am having trouble finding them.

Nook and Cranny said...

Hi JoAnne,

I see you've been having more fun with your fairy gardens, love the big pink shell! I am beginning to take an interest in succulent plants and fun containers for these.
Thanks for stopping by my "White Wedding Bundle" blog post, it is always so great to have you stop by.