Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A REAL Treasure

The swapping has commenced in our flickr Altered Matchboxes Swap Group and I found treasure, or I should say treasure found me, courtesy of my swap partner Anna.
I've long admired Anna's art on her blog, Frosted Petunias.
She has a style all her own. It's sheer beauty mixed with a touch of whimsy, a sprinkle of fantasy and meticulous attention to detail.
See what I mean? This is how she transformed a tiny matchbox in our Treasures of the Sea swap.

I opened the box to find this amazing 3-D vignette. (It's really impossible to capture how stunning this piece really is!)
And being the sweetie she is, she included this beautiful card and bookmark.
Swapping will be complete mid-June for Treasures of the Sea so I'll be showing off some of the other participants creations in the next couple of weeks and announcing a new swap!
Hint-think BIG for the upcoming swap. Let's make that BIG & old.....

PS - I'm still unable to leave comments on blogs!!!!! I miss leaving you congrats, entering your giveaways and just saying hi. Can't wait until blogger resolves this.


BLISS angels said...

Lucky you Anna makes the most beautiful art. she is such a sweet heart....looking forwards to next months theme... Hugs wendy

artistamyjo said...

This is precious. what a treasure you have.
I've had trouble leaving comments too. Getting tired of all this blogger trouble!
Hugs, amy

Netty said...

Hi, have you tried unticking the stay signed in box. This works for me. Annette

Jeanie Callaghan said...

That's a FABULOUS matchbox!

Sassy Marsha said...

WOW, what an amazing work of art!!!

Can you leave anonymous comments? It seems to be intermittent . . .

Can't wait to see what the BIG and old swap is all about!


A Vintage Chic said...

Beautiful swaps, JoAnne! Love them all--just gorgeous!

I'm still having trouble leaving comments on most blogs, too--yours seems to be okay, though!

Wishing you a wonderful night...


Terry said...

This is amazing! I just love the matchboxes that I have seen. What Netty said about unticking the keep me signed in. I also cleaned out my cookies and cache and I think that is working now. Will know in the AM! Have a great evening or day!

Kasia said...

WOW! I collect matches and matchboxes and this is definitely the most wonderful thing Ive seen!!!! Absolutely lovely!


Dorthe said...

Wonderful indeed- the matchbox, is so fantastic, and the card and tag very beautiful- congratulation.

Kim said...

OMG, that is gorgeous...a true treasure indeed!!

Looking forward to the next swap...sounds so intriquing....Hugs!

Frosted Petunias said...'re so sweet to share my matchbox here. Thank you for the lovely words JoAnne. I had so much fun making everything for you and I really appreciate you putting together a great swap for us. Looking forward to our next one :)

I hope the comment thingy works out for you soon.


Cathy L. Calamas said...

Love your blog. Now a follower.

Mina said...

Anna is such a sweet artist! I love her blog and everything she creates is filled with her special gift.

I am so sorry you are still not able to comment on blogs. That is such a pain. Talk to you soon, me sweet friend.

Jan said...

Love these and what a fantastic gift :)

Denise J. Phillips said...

Wonderful blog! Adore you creative ideas!
The problem you might be experiencing with posts, at the top right hand side of your blog page, whenever you leave you page, make sure you have signed out, also whenever yo visit a blogger page, after you leave a comment sign out. Leaving you blogger account open blocks others from the ability to post to your blog:)
Thanks for stopping by my blog and signing on as a follower! I'm honored!