Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Here I am again.
Drawn back to blogging as we close another year.
As some of you may know, 
2017 has been somewhat of a struggle for me.
Multiple eye surgeries
and the seemingly endless stream of complications
 associated with those surgeries
sometimes left me feeling hopeless.
But I'm almost there
and will be returning to work after the 
new year.

I did manage to play in a few facebook group swaps
when vision allowed
during my "house confinement". 

This piece was a collaborative effort
and so much fun!
There were four of us in our
round robin group.
We each began with a substrate of choice
and a focal point piece.
As they made the rounds,
each of us added some love to
each others collages.
This gorgeous collage is what came home to me.

 Whenever there's a 
white Christmas theme
I can't resist.
 It was a tag swap.
I started with a Tim Holtz
mini cabinet card
and embellished away.
 I wrapped each one in a vintage doily
accompanied by a vintage
Christmas postcard.

 Each holiday season I
decorate my little white tree
with all handmade ornaments.
Some purchased
but primarily swapped.

 Did you spot one of yours?

These mini textile collaged ornaments
were pure joy to create.
 Layering with little scraps of
antique laces, vintage doilies,
vintage buttons
without any roadmap
was such an enjoyable process.
 Each gifted with a
glass glittered tag.
 Lastly I had the opportunity
to renew my love of paper dolls
with this Sugar Plum Fairy ornament.

One of the blessings
of my imposed mini retirement
was rediscovering my love of swapping.

But as lovely as these swaps were
I miss the intimacy of swapping with blog friends.

I shared facebook swaps that went well, 
also reconnecting with old blog swapping friends.
But not all facebook swaps go smoothly.
Large groups of hundreds of people
some of whom have never crafted in their lives
and people who stiff are all too common
in the facebook world of swapping.

That being said,
I plan on hosting some swaps
via my blog in the upcoming year.
I can't tell how often right now
as I'll be resuming full time employment
and still have some minor eye hurdles,
but this is in part my
for the new year.

Bring it on 2018!
I HOPE....
 to reconnect with old blog friends
to swap with old blog friends
for continued healing of my eye
to find peace in our somewhat fractured world
 But most of all,
to remember to remain full of

I won't blog again until the new year
as I am finally cleared for flying
and will be spending the holidays with my daughter in Charlotte.

I wish you all the happiest of holidays
and most sincerely
you'll be back to visit me soon.

Valentine swap?