Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Yes, like the retailers, seems like I'm rushing the season but I know there are lots of fabulous venues to swap Halloween creations and all you swappers need time to choose and plan.
Last year my flickr group members created some of the most fantastic Halloween art I've seen anywhere! This year I decided to offer 3 swaps with staggered due dates (so the true Halloweenphiles can partake of all)!

Play in 1, 2 or all 3, just please come out and howl a little!
Details and sign-ups for all three swaps can be found HERE, in my flickr swap group.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Eggs & Nests

I love this theme for our monthly vintage gluebook page swap in the
blissfullARTswaps group
This is the front and back of my August submissions.
Hope you're all enjoying a creative summer!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Magical Mermaids

The mermaid mini cards swapped in my flickr group truly were magical!L-R: Kim, Becky, Karla, Michele, Wendy

L-R: Linda, Elaine, Mina, Sandi, Kimberly

These little 1x3 works of art are so much fun to make and I've discovered a great way to display them in my home. I picked up this old type tray at a garage sale and have been filling it with swapped mini cards, altered matchboxes and twinchies.

As I still have some empty spaces, let's do another mini card swap...Sign-up or join the group HERE!

Monday, July 16, 2012

A Project That Speaks To Me

"A living, breathing, kinetic journal of our hopes, dreams and concerns" is how Vivika Hansen DeNegre describes the
Prayer Flag Project,
a group she founded in 2011.

Prayer flags are an ancient Buddhist tradition now being embraced by artists of all religious and spiritual backgrounds. Flags are made of cloth decorated to the artists liking or vision. Through design, symbols or words each flag expresses a prayer or affirmation.
Flags are hung outside and the prayers of hope, healing and peace are carried by the wind throughout the universe.

Gail, of Creative Workshops, has a free tutorial on making prayer flags (sewn or glued-you don't need to be a seamstress!) open to all.

After watching her tutorial I made my first prayer flag....
This flag will be traded in a new swap hosted by Lenna, of
Creative Swaps.
As part of the swap, Lenna also provides a tutorial and links to several prayer flag sites. (At the time of this post there were still 7 openings.)

I first learned of the Prayer Flag Project and swap via Terri of,
Artful Affirmations.
She shares photos of her beautiful first prayer flags on her blog.

Call them prayers, affirmations, positive doesn't really matter. This is a feel-good project with heart.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Where Bloggers Create Party, Won't You Stop In?

Welcome! Let me start by saying this is not one of those over the top, mind numbing, fantasy type studios.
Heck, it's not even a studio!!!! But welcome to my dining room/workspace that serves me quite well.
I had contemplated converting a spare bedroom into a studio but I opted for all the glorious natural light my dining room affords me..
from the doors that open to the deck and yard

to the large double side windows.

Muses are plentiful...
a display of swapped atcs

a little Kelly Rae Roberts

my "catch all" table of quirkiness

a vanity tray housing heartfelt gifts from blog friends, lavendar from my garden

and doll parts (which might seem odd to some, but certainly not this audience!)

and my ever changing feather tree of inspiration.

I realize it may be a bit boring for you to look atboxes..and bins

and piles of "stuff".

Here's a closer & hopefully more interesting peek...
baskets of fabrics

one of my flower stashes

inside one of my trims boxes

and some baubles, beads and tattered pearls (many thanks to those who actually do clean out at garage sales).

Lastly, I'd like to introduce you to my faithful assistant Dolly. She's ALWAYS there to test a fabric, unravel a trim or assist in rearranging supplies.
It's exhausting work but someone has to do it!

Thanks for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Many, many thanks to Karen for hosting this amazing party!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Time For Another Fatbook

In my
Altered Art Fat Books
group we are currently working on a row house collaborative.
No template, just an approximate size and no guidelines, whatever you want your rowhouses to be...
There are 16 of us participating so this will be one fat fatbook!

Friday, July 6, 2012

At The Beach

Our theme for July's vintage gluebook pages
This picture was perfect for the back

of these vintage beach-themed pages for our monthly gluebook page swap at

Tuesday, July 3, 2012